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Ofsted published a new report on art, craft and design in schools, Drawing Together: art, craft and design in schools. It acknowledges that ‘the relevance of art, craft and design extends far beyond being an outlet for pupils’ creativity and has a knock-on effect: ‘learning to work independently, manage a range of tasks, pace their progress and meet deadlines’. It recommends that every child and teacher should have the opportunity to work with ‘an artist, craft worker or designer’ as part of their cultural entitlement. The report goes on to say that these offers rarely happen, noting that, ‘Sustained links, including those with the creative industries, were underdeveloped.’
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Multicultural Workshops
Learning patterns and shapes through sand art was fun. :-)
Enjoyed working with kids exploring Indian
Music, puppets, touch and feel festive trinkets, talk with video show, vegetable printing and take home card making.

"I like to look for patterns in science and life. It's what I do." ‪#‎design‬‪#‎printing‬ ‪#‎workshops 
Recent workshops for primary school students.

  Doll Workshop

Want to try making these miniature dolls?
To arrange a one-day personal Doll training session, workshops or for further information, email

'Festive Plate Decorating ' - Diwali Workshop for kids and grown ups


'Blow-art' Workshop for kids at a Chester based organisation
Colours and fun together to celebrate 'Holi'


Workshops with young girls at a local independent school.
Exploring the RE topic of 'light' with Indian festival of Diwali.


MiniCrafts Indian Dress-up experience and Eco gift bags workshop 
Chester Guildhall, Chester city Town Centre

Chester's second Diwali Parade from the Town Hall - music, fun and dancing followed by many workshops at the Guildhall including Rangoli, Diya making, Mehndi (Henna) paints and MiniCrafts Indian Dress-ups.

EcoCrafts with tiny tots at a local preschool

A refreshing morning with kids to see them getting totally involved in this activity. All of them were brilliant and eager to try it. Its was the same vegetable printing for all but those you tried made it unique in their own way by the choice of colours, patterns and orientation. Perhaps, the satisfaction of creating and accomplishing a work of art in a time span of 10 mins clicked and made them more proud!

"Today at preschool we had a visitor called Yamini who came to do some special craft with the children. She brought with her some Okra and some bitter gourd.
The children printed some lovely flowers and patterns with them and were very proud of their work. Yamini is a very gentle lady and even though it is only her second visit the children have become very fond of her."
...Angela Blundell, Upton Village Preschool

Turn all unused craft items into amazing pattens... 

Do you own a lot of unused jewellery, kids craft kits, bracelets, bangles and beads? Want to throw it away and still wondering what to do with all those tiny tits leftover from craft projects? Send them over and we can convert them into beautiful, festive patterns. Use them as floor rangolis or handmade gift cards for your loved ones. The best part is even the base is recycled from things which normally end up in the recycle bin!!!
For prices and more designs, please email

The first thought of Eco crafts came up after seeing dry autumn leaves in the garden. MiniCrafts then explored nature, pressed flowers and conducted workshops with kids. We tried our hands on vegetable printing using okra, bitter gourd and peppers. Kids loved making their own bookmarks, door hangers and organic collages with personal touches ... because creativity has a knock-on effect. The satisfaction of creating and accomplishing a work of art in a defined time span works each time. It encourages ‘learning to work independently, manage a range of tasks, pace progress and meet deadlines’. 

'Newspapers at their best' 

Easy to make Eco gift bags. Even their handles are made from newspapers!
 Enjoy decorating them the Eco way!




All ideas and feedback welcome to make these gift bags.

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