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Yamini is a Designer..Architect..Building Biology Practitioner and a Visualiser with a passion for ancient cities, regenerating and sustaining built environments. Creativity to her means hope, expression and therapy.

She has experience in design management related to healthcare, education and urban refurbishment+regeneration in the UK and international locations. She is also a Dementia Friends Champion and committed to improving understanding and awareness of dementia. She recently certified as a Building Biology Practitioner. "Bau-Biologie" or "building biology" is the relationship between the buildings, life and the environment. Natural, healthy building practices are used to help free built environments from indoor toxins, indoor pollution and electromagnetic radiation.  She believes in the powerful role of ‘mindful’ design to uplift and heal 'sick' built environments. She enjoys eco- crafts with kids, sketching, nature walks, web designing and regularly publishes articles on issues closer to her heart.

Note: Qualified and registered as architect in India. Throughout the document, the title “Architect” is used when practising internationally, whilst for working in the UK the title “Architectural Designer” is used.

Recent Talks

Dementia Friends Session at a primary school. Lovely day and all positive messages to help build dementia friendly communities.

'Thank you once again for coming in to school.  The children really enjoyed the session and it has helped them to be more aware of and to understand dementia better.  Please do forward me the details of the adult sessions and I will follow it up with Headteacher.'

Bio-buildings and Wellness: Going Beyond Green Series

 'Very interesting and thought provoking presentation from Yamini today 
discussing the link between the buildings in which we live having 
an impact on our health and well being.'  ... Rachel Jesson

At The North West Food Research Development Centre (NowFood Centre)
 the University of Chester.

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