Why is the building stock in the United Kingdom is amongst the least energy efficient in Europe

George Clarke says "There is a perception that eco-designed homes are newbuilds, with a lot of hi-tech modern features. But all homes need to become eco-homes if we are to reduce carbon emissions in line with the Kyoto Protocol. Just think how much energy – and money, when it comes to fuel bills – can be saved with roof insulation and double-glazing alone,"

In 2004, housing accounted for 30.23% of all energy use in the UK (up from 27.70% in 1990). 2006 saw a significant tightening of energy efficiency requirements within the Building Regulations. Then again in 2009, buildings accounted for about 43% of all the UK’s carbon emissions.The government announced their ambition that all new housing should be built to zero-carbon standards from 2016 and are considering extending this to include all other buildings from 2019.

More on the ongoing discussion about what to do with inefficient buildings from past eras. http://www.fastcodesign.com/3054647/should-we-save-mid-century-modern-icons-that-hurt-the-environment

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