We shape our buildings and afterward our buildings shape us

This is a famous quote from a speech given by Winston Churchill in the House of Commons on October 28, 1943. "We shape our buildings and afterward our buildings shape us." 

With his ideas, the Commons agreed to retain the rectangular pattern of the Commons Chamber instead of changing to a semi-circular or horse-shoe design favoured by some legislative assemblies. The old chamber was severely damaged. Designer Giles Gilbert Scott worked along similar lines to the old, recovering stone and timber and retaining its small size to keep debates lively and robust but also intimate. The new chamber was completed in 1950. 

The thought of how architecture can influence our behaviour was very alien and understanding the effects of the social implications of the built environment still is to many people. But, just as wellness is far more than absence of disease, a building that truly nurtures well-being is far more than an environment that is free of toxins. And with the change in human behaviour, it is also possible that we will discover our new 'true' self.  

A building is a result of the aspirations and designer's ideas, but over time people who occupy and work in it take the quality of the buildings they live in. How would you feel when I say a carefully designed buildings can actually make you feel good? 

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