Healing starts from home

Discontent, stress and depression seem to be very common expressions with no prescribed modern medicines. They manifest as simple headaches to chronic illnesses and need treatment when we fail to look beyond the symptoms. Architectural sensitivity and discipline goes a long way to define the happiness of the community by designing how it is cared. After all, ' Health is Happiness'. 

We all need spaces to re-connect and recharge. What if public buildings could actually allow people to slow down and reconnect rather than provide sealed environments with endless corridors. Look at these visual comparisons above and decide which space will actually heal you faster. Now pause and think - what might happen when you follow the same simple, subtle corrections for your home, office and your life. Who needs hospitals and why those who do, are always eager to go back home? 

As a part of a Building Therapy theme, MiniSpaces offers caring insights to carefully choose the right furniture, materials, orientation, herbs for energy corners, aroma, colour and music to make you own healing sanctuary.

Unblock the main life energy channels where you live and sleep because ... charity and healing follow the same rules. They all start from home! :-)

“The soul is by nature free of disease. It is the cause of consciousness and the qualities of the elements. It is eternal and it observes all our activities.” 
(Charaka Samhita, chapter 1,verse 56)

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