The power of environment is the great check to control even Karma itself.

Vedic architecture is a reflection of the universe. There are many times when we are in a new building, city or a public space, we feel out of place or experience we are not experiencing the person we truly are. Just like meditation and breath control are ways to centre our soul, there are corrections in Vedic architecture using sounds, shapes and volume proportions to define quiet and activity zones making them feel positive.

This Yoga of Architecture has principles and tools to create Saattvic (divine, pure, and spiritual) areas in any environment of manifested matter - a room, house, office or a city where we can find our true self. It has the power to alter the way we feel energy, the way we think and even how we make decisions. And, this is how the designer of the environment with his design can control our Karma - our actions to break the chain of cycling and recycling. 

Verse 7 and 8 from Chapter 4 of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali also talk about how the power of environment influences our journey, our experiences and sub-conscious manifestations to define Karma. Patanjali was a scholar who lived approximately 2500 years ago wrote the Yoga Sutras, 196 verse aphorisms that teach about Ashtanga (eight limbed) Yoga - the “eightfold path”.

karma ashukla akrisnam yoginah trividham itaresam

verse 4.7 - Works are neither black nor white for the Yogis; for others they are threefold — black, white, and mixed.
When the Yogi has attained perfection, his actions, and the Karma produced by those actions, do not bind him, because he did not desire them. He just works on; he works to do good, and he does good, but does not care for the result, and it will not come to him. But, for ordinary men, who have not attained to the highest state, works are of three kinds, black (evil actions), white (good actions), and mixed.

verse 4.8 - From these threefold works are manifested in each state only those desires (which are) fitting to that state alone. (The others are held in abeyance for the time being.)
Suppose I have made the three kinds of Karma, good, bad, and mixed, and suppose I die and become a god in heaven. The desires in a god body are not the same as the desires in a human body; the god body neither eats nor drinks. What becomes of my past unworked Karmas which produce as their effect the desire to eat and drink? Where would these Karmas go when I become a god? The answer is that desires can only manifest themselves in proper environments. Only those desires will come out for which the environment is fitted; the rest will remain stored up. In this life we have many godly desires, many human desires, many animal desires. If I take a god body, only the good desires will come up, because for them the environments are suitable. And if I take an animal body, only the animal desires will come up, and the good desires will wait. What does this show? That by means of environment we can check these desires. Only that Karma which is suited to and fitted for the environments will come out. This shows that the power of environment is the great check to control even Karma itself.

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