Geopathic grid system - health and house connection!

There is a science that investigates the health hazards in and around the built environment. These hazards include everything from the products we use to air, water and biological contaminants as well as electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress. Spending long periods of time over a detrimental area produces a stress reaction in the human body. This is the same as stress produced by any other means. The effect is gradual, involving a slow deterioration in health.  The body becomes more and more debilitated by the on-going  effect of the stress and the person becomes ill.  Blood pressure may remain inappropriately raised;  excess acid may be produced by the stomach, leading  to stomach ulcers;  decreased activity by white blood cells will lead to less effective resistance to viruses and bacteria.  The person may have difficulty in sleeping as the body is on continuous alert.  In this situation the body becomes undermined reducing resistance  to colds and flu and more serious illnesses such as cancer. 

Some people feel easily drained and exhausted at work or at school. A detailed study of the land identifies the faulty grid lines and their effects on the inhabitants. Bau-baulogie and Modern Vastu (Energy) Science methods rectify and neutralize these invisible stresses. Also, devices like Hartmann spirals and resonators are placed under the bed to discard geopathic stress. 

Click on a number to see a detailed view of geopathic stresses over the world. 

Tips how to Identify and Shield Geopathic Stress :
  • OBSERVE THE LAND around your home. How healthy are trees and bushes? Do you need to call an exterminator regularly to fight off ants or take out whasp nests? You might read our article on insects and ants and consider one of the Home Harmonizers to balance the energy of the house and the property before spraying more toxic insecticides.
  • BEFORE BUILDING A NEW HOME check the property for crippled or dead trees, for wet land and ant hills. This is often and indication for earth anomalies and faultlines. Move the planned house to another part of the property, if possible.
  • If SLEEPING PROBLEMS occur, such as difficulty to fall asleep or waking up around 3 am (when Geopathic Stress has its strongest intensity) consider to sleep in a different room for a while. Often people are aware that they sleep much better at their sister's or parent's house or that their children behave differently as soon as they change rooms. With grown ups it can take up to several weeks to discharge from Geopathic Stress. If there is no other way to escape, use a Home Harmonizers again.
  • AVOID METAL BEDFRAMES AND SPRING MATRESSES as they bundle and reflect energy Geopathic energies. They also charge easily from electro-magnetic fields and should be replaces with wooden frames and latex or foam matressess.
  • WATCH YOUR PETS. Cats are attracted to Geopathic Stress, their favorite places usually are on grids or even crossings. Dogs do not like those areas and avoid them. If your cat loves your bed, at least be suspicious and check for yourself.
  • If there is a History Of CANCER in your family or in the house you are living in. Ask about the pre-owners BEFORE you sign the contract for a new home: Why did they move out? Were there cases of illness among former inhabitants? In this case we strongly recommend to get your home checked in detail by a knowledgeable dowser.
  • Use simple TESTING METHODS, such as Body Dowsing or Applied Kinesiology, to test for yourself. Even better, learn how to dowse. Children are naturals and love to test their own rooms.
  • WATER IN BASEMENTS often shows a general high water table and possible underground water veins.
  • FINE WOVEN CHINESE OR ARABIAN CARPETS REDUCE GEOPATHIC STRESS. Sometimes it needs a second or even a third layer, but this is a natural way to shield a possible charge.

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