The Rule of the Third Proportion

Leonardo Da Vinci's golden proportion...this ratio can be found everywhere..from how our bodies are proportioned to how patterns on shells are formed. By following the ratio as closely as possible, whatever is produced tends to look more pleasing to the eye. It  is some guideline showing how our genes perceive beauty. 

Leonardo Da Vinci was really the first to apply it in some areas, like humans...the length of the arms compared to the torso...the distance or width of certain facial features, etc. It's called "phi" (sounds like 'phee') and was known well before the Renaissance period. If you see a beautiful face, chances are that the features of the face all have a 1:1.618 ratio (like ratio of width to length of face, width of nose to mouth, mouth to cheek etc) - the basis of anthropometric!!!

One third space - The Rule of the Third Proportion. This rule can be applied to compose anything .. a photo,  picture,  embroidery,  make-up,  jewellery and even web pages.

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