A room with a view

Here’s a novel way to spruce up a windowless room: eScape, a virtual window with a flat-panel LCD screen showing high resolution video scenes that look so sharp and real, they’ll make you do a double-take. The company brought a demo to our Midwest Test Facility, showing us its blend of craftsmanship and tech that’s super fun and cool. Too bad you have to be rich to afford one.

Sky Factory has been making built-in visual novelties for the past seven years, but now the company’s made its images move with its latest product, the Sky Factory eScape. Using the RED high-resolution digital cinema camera, the company shot its own custom footage of beautiful beach scenes, babbling brooks, mountain vistas and other beauteous scenes, and it’s mounted a flat computer on the back of a flat-panel display that shows them off to great effect. The footage is included, and there are even some eight hour clips you can play, and all include audio.


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