Moving Upwards, Moving Out...

Patterns to design simple things and objects always originate from a circle - a "bindu" (dot) - or a ''shunya" (empty state) in Sanskrit. Although we do not see that point or dot itself everytime, its centre represents a metaphysical 'source' point from which patterns emerge and flow outwards.

'Mandala' is one such ancient pattern designed to develop concentration (drawing them is very therapeutic for kids too!). Nature makes its own mandalas in many forms such snowflakes, flowers and even the planets. There is no beginning and no end to a circle, and yet a universe portrayed in entirety within it. Mandalas can be a source of inspiration, reflection, centering and of gaining insight into the patterns of life.

The fun part is there are no rules to draw a mandala, whatever you create is as it should be. You can either start from a central point and work outwards, or draw a circle and work inwards. I have found the easiest way is to draw a circle just like drawing a clock - perhaps with a few inner circles, mark 30 degree points and simply 'connect the dots' in whichever form comes to mind. Experiment with squares to form an 8 sided star or use triangles and enjoy the patterns emerging.

The second part is how to feel its power. First, breathe slowly in and out, then focus on the center of the mandala and few moments later, the colours and the patterns will become bright. They may seem to enlarge or even move about. Feel the energy flowing into and through you. Now, close your eyes - you will see an amazing thing! The mandala will appear in front of your closed eyes. It might pulsate and maybe some parts will brighten and then fade. The symmetry, flow of colours and symbols help to focus the eye towards the centre and then outwards to contemplate and heal our inner energies.

Just let your eyes and feelings tell you which 'dots' to connect. Try painting or coloring them, use sand or beads and you will be surprised at the result!
Imagine and feel the power and energy of the Mandala flowing through you.

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