I dread to take a sketch
To the man who wants to change things
Who says,"That's fine, just what I want,
But let's rearrange things.

Let's move that window over
And stretch over it an awning
And add to it the others also,
In case it starts a-raining.

And change the living spaces
To include a cosy study,
And never mind the logic,
It's for my drinking buddies.

Don't clutter up the garden
With meaningless details,
Sacrifice the packing area
Have a green-house in its place.

Now at the pantry and the kitchen,
Let's take another look,
My wife must have a grinding stone
Or else we lose our cook.

Before I forget we must squeeze in
Space for another room,
This one, here, will be solely used.
By the family Pom, she's one of us too.

I suggest a circular bed
With a bar somewhere near
Maybe you can close the window
And put a painting here

Don't let things get too crowded
We must have space, ha ha, to move
A spiral stair will do very well,
Instead of this, thank you.

That balcony's still a problem
It's a wee bit too long.
We must have a tub in the bath
Or the house will look all wrong.

Then maybe you can change the front facade
It looks rather plain,
If it ain't too much of a trouble
Do the whole thing again.

With these few minor changes
Everything is OK
We're much behind our deadline,
Please finish it today!

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